​"Not a drag!  Home Alone is cool!!"...this is the  overwhelming response we hear daily from pups & kitties all over the area.  At Home Alone Pet Care we believe them.  Our furry companions are more relaxed and comfortable in their own homes surrounded by familiar sights & sounds, toys and their favorite place to nap.

​Sure going to a resort is fun but there just is no place like home.

Home Alone Pet Care offers petsitting on daily schedules that fit your companions needs.  When you are away from home for more than a day, we can bring in mail, water plants, ect. and make it look as though someone is there to add to your feeling of safety.

Home Alone Pet Care offers pet transportation to the vet, groomer or even some much needed exercise at the dog park.

Home Alone Pet Care visits are tailored to your schedule and your companions needs.

Home Alone Pet Care in Manitowoc @ 920-662-4818.  Call Clara, she would love to be your companion's companion when you're not able.  And remember, there's no place like home.​​​